Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just Purchased

SALE-XL Frame - Timeless Treasures Yellow Birds in Black Clutch

I happened across this lovely clutch made by girlbyAileen on Etsy and had to own it. Isn't it so pretty? I think it will be the perfect accessory for so many outfits.
I can't wait until it arrives!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Walmart Clown Commercial

For those of you who know me well, know that I would rather stick hot pokers in my ear than spend time at Wal-Mart. Yes I know I am complete snob! Yes I know you can get great deals there. Blah Blah Blah... It still doesn't get me to visit one, especially considering the closest one to my home is in West Oakland.

Getting to the point, have any of you seen the newest Wal-Mart commercial? Seriously I laughed so hard and laugh every time.

Is it going to convince me to stop in my local Wal-Mart, most likely not. But when my Mom and Sister drag me to their favorite spot, I may not act as if I am in the 7th ring of hades.


Friday, January 22, 2010


It is decision time, unfortunately it is a bit early. My computer is on a slow demise. I have been wanting a new laptop for a while. The battery pretty much stopped working a over a year ago, meaning it must remain plugged in all of the time.
I haven't purchased a new battery because I have been planning on eventually getting a new lap top, so what is the point. Tonight I dropped the power cord on the floor. I didn't think it would be a big deal. However it is. Now it won't charge. Argh!

So now I need to decide between the MacBook or MacBook Pro, Screen size, memory, etc etc etc. Also it would be nice if I could hold off until tax return and or bonus came thru. Can I wait that long or should I fork over the $80 for a new power cord?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Super Steal

It has been years since I walked into a Payless Shoe Source (is that really the name?) Anyway yesterday during a brief down pour I ran into one for cover and emerged with two new pair of shoes. (Yes I may have too many, but does that matter?)

One pair was even 5 bucks!

Love these and they were the cheap ones.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Daylight at Night

This post is not about spending the summers in Sweden or Alaska, nor is it an apocalyptic reference. It is about how bright it is in my bedroom at night.
I attempted to capture the light emanating from the security lamp on the building across the street. Yep it is like day some nights and makes for falling asleep difficult. What I need are blackout curtains, there just aren't any that go with the decor. For now I will continue to build the pillow barrier and manage to keep the eye mask on my head for a decent nights sleep.

Whiskeytown - Sit and Listen to the Rain

Today is the second day into what is going to be a 2 week rainstorm. The Bay Area Winter has finally arrived.

I love to hear the rain patter against the windows, the smell of the air and wanting to splash in the puddles.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


My dear friend AH knows me all to well, she is also an amazing gift giver. Recently I opened a couple of gifts from her that I love! Isn't this headband adorable? It really is divine and I love wearing it. Thanks A!

Recently went on a shopping trip with Marielle and A-gril. It was my day because I managed to find some pretty great things at decent prices. A new pair of jeans, a couple of sweaters, a cute top, a great dress, pair of heels and a load of jewelry. Yeah it was a good day for me and the best part was spending it with amazing friends!

One of my new pieces of jewelry. It is so pretty and it was super cheap. I found a new place to get jewelry; Charlotte Russe, really you can't go wrong when it is $7.99, can you?

Oh yeah so because everything was so cheap and bought a few items.

Look at these stunners. Yep I fell in love when I saw them, it didn't hurt either that they were on super sale.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Usually while in Georgetown if one is having a craving for a cupcake they would visit Georgetown Cupcake. They have very yummy cupcakes. However the line was ridiculous (if it was a line at all) and we opted for something else.

We went to Baked & Wired instead and their cupcakes were divine! If you happen to be in D.C. you should give this place a visit, besides they have a place to sit and enjoy.

I know you want one, you really really do.


If I were rich, and I am not, I would live in Georgetown. Yes the parking may be a pain, but I would be rich and have a garage. I would live in a restored Colonial, possibly the light yellow one I saw for sale. I would meet my Sister in Law for Cupcakes, jog along the canal, hang out with my brother at cool hipster design shops, throw amazing dinner parties. Yep If I were rich that is where I would live.

My last few hours in D.C. were spent eating, shopping and walking the streets of Georgetown. It is a good way to end a vacation.

Now who wouldn't want to have a photo op in front of Reindeer topiaries. This is for you Mom.

Yummy lunch. This is Melissa's so I guess she should clarify if it was yummy or not. It looked good to me.

My new favorite ally. It has all of the home/furniture design shops.

The water froze with snowflake imprints. It was pretty cool. Of course it is the oil/pollution in the water causing the effect (not cool).

The Canal. It's empty now by fills up in the spring.

Don't love me in the picture but Brooke all of a sudden was determined that I take a photo next to the blue house with red door. I complied considering I made her pose in front of Reindeer topiary.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass

Official video for OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass" off of the New Album "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky". The video was filmed live and features the Notre Dame marching band.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Very New York Christmas

If you have yet to spend a Christmas in New York City you must put it on your priority list. Even though it was rainy and cold I was loving it! It could have been the fact that our hotel was in Tribeca, or that our hotel room was huge compared to the usual fare in NYC, or that I was with some of my favorite people. I need to go back not for Times Square, Rockefeller, Lady Liberty but to soak in the amazing architecture. I just want to walk around and gaze upward for days. Does that sound crazy to you? It sounds like heaven to me!

The above photo is out of sequence and is not the most flattering photo of either of us. This was the last day and after a FREEZING and rainy walk to Central Park, we walked a few yards in, posed for the photo and promptly hailed a cab.

As with most of my travel/vacation posts this will be filled with pictures.

We left D.C. super early on Christmas Eve (My watch was still on CA time and when I woke it was 2:30 am talk about painful). The east coast is so beautiful which made the drive bearable. We arrived, checked in and went to lunch at a French Bistro it was perfect.

My family grew up on White Christmas. I used to fantasize that I would grow up to be as beautiful as Rosemary Clooney (Betty), so it was pretty thoughtful when Brooke purchased tickets for us to see the Broadway show. Loved it!

After the show. Melissa cracks me up!

We walked up to Rockefeller Center just to say we did. IT WAS CROWDED!

We then walked down 5th Ave or maybe it was 7th to Central Park. The city was so gorgeous!

We then went back to Tribeca and celebrated Christmas Eve at an Indian Restaurant. It was really great food and a quite night considering by that time most people were at home instead of out wandering the streets.

Loved the lights in the restaurant. I want a set and must find them!

Christmas morning was really quite in the city. The only places open were Jewish Deli's and an Amish market. We had the best bagels for breakfast and wandered over to the site of the former World Trade Center. It is under construction now and you can't see much. Plus there are sooo many peddlers, it made it more of a circus than a memorial.

A pause to put socks on, it was so hot in the hotel room that the thought of putting on socks and a coat was not pleasant. I finally cooled down. Behind me was this guy possible girl dressed in a Panda costume. No one was going near it. It was somewhat pathetic. I guess it thought that if it hung out near the WTC site people would want a photo op with it. I couldn't bring myself to take a picture, it felt cruel to make fun of its loneliness.

We wandered down to the Staten Island ferry. If you want to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island but don't have time or want to spend the money. Take the Ferry, it is free, fast and it sails right by both of them.

The Lady

I love this photo and the different architecture era's shown. From the 1770's to the late 20th century. This is why I can spend days walking around this city.

On our way back to the Hotel, Dave just happened to glance down one of the many streets and saw Les Halles. It was a giddy moment! We walked down to see if they were open and made reservations for Christmas dinner.
Les Halles is owned by Anthony Bourdain and my siblings and I LOVE him. The chance to dine at one of his was nothing short of a little fanatical fan worthy.

Of course it decided to rain as we walked from the Hotel so the hair didn't hold up. I didn't care I was eating some amazing food. We were all very content!

David had to take a picture of his dinner.

Saturday we had tickets to see the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA. We packed up, ate breakfast, the best French toast I have had and took the cab ride to end all cab rides for Melissa. My sister gets motion sick and it didn't help that the driver was insane. We made it in one piece and she managed not to throw up.

What we could see of the exhibit was pretty cool but it was body to body. It would be nice to be able to see it without anyone else.

If you know me well, you know why I like this.

On the way home. It was a parking lot and took a lot longer than planned. It was not a happy time in the car for any of us.

I loved spending Christmas in NYC! It was a really fast trip but I loved every moment.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Snowy Days

This year instead of spending Christmas in SLC/Idaho I went to D.C. and New York to spend it with David, Brooke and Melissa. It was a lot of fun to change up my Holiday habits. Because I am camera happy this post will be about the first few days in D.C.

It was luck that when I booked my flight I picked Sunday instead of Saturday to fly east. Who would have known that they would have been hit with the "Blizzard of the Century". Anyway because I flew on Sunday I managed to get on my flight unlike all of the Saturday fliers. I was greeted with snow upon my arrival and a lot of it. Because D.C. is not accustomed to such a large amount of snow in one day everything was shut down. It was peaceful, quiet and very cold.

Now this is my 6th winter in Northern California, I guess in my blood has gradually thinned out, I also own "light weight coats" and no snow boots/shoes. This posed a problem because the first couple of days I attempted to walk (more like slid) down to Shirlington Village just for something to do and froze there and back. Thanks to Brooke she loaned me her coat to keep warm and I bought a pair of boots that I don't really need now.

On the third day I had to get out of the house. I braved the cold and went into town to visit the National Museum of the American Indian, which surprisingly I had not visited with the exception to eat in the cafeteria (a must do if you are in the area) and to see the Hirshhorn.
I spent hours at the NMAI, it was pretty cool, I highly suggest you go. And what can I say about the Hirshorn, it is a favorite of mine if you like Modern Art it is also a must see.
I love visiting D.C. for the museums they are amazing and best of all FREE!

Great texture at the NMAI

I love the architecture of the NMAI. It is very thoughtful.

This cracked me up. Only at the Hirshhorn would someone make a snowman sitting and waiting.

The Hirshhorn

One of the Smithsonian buildings

Loved that the trees were decorated. I want these stars.