Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love & Giggles

Meet my Niece NA. I adore her. While I was visiting she became obsessed with my collection of headbands. She looks so lovely in them, especially with her new "short" haircut. I miss this little one a lot, she is smart, funny and frankly a fab dresser. She was also the first to be born after my move to California. I wish I were closer sometimes but then I wouldn't be able to tell her about all of my adventures.

We put this one on because it matched her shirt but she really preferred the one given to me by a dear friend. She has really good taste.

She wanted to play "Orphan", it went a little like this her parents were dead (sorry Steph & Bri) and her Aunts Melissa and Jamie were taking care of her. Hmmm interesting. I have no idea how the dress up came into play but as you see below I am in a sequined turquoise number... Yep flattering.

Granted it was put on over my very ruffly sweater and jeans. I was very warm... I almost typed "hot" but that wouldn't have been the case. Notice the headband in my hair, she made Melissa wear one also.

Another tid bit from that weekend; one night I was putting NA and her brother NB (seriously it is their initials) to bed. They really wanted to have a sleep over with me but they go to bed at 8 and I wasn't about to.
We were quietly talking and catching up when it was time for me to leave their room. Then this little diddy of a conversation happened:
NB: "Where is your Man? I mean like Uncle Jake?"
NA: "Yeah"
Me: Giggle... "I am still choosing"
NB: "Why?"
Me: Escaping towards the door attempting not to sprain my ankle on the toys... "because I want him to be special, someone that is nice and you guys like too"
NB & NA: "Oh"
NA: says something under her breath
Me: "What?"
NA: very quietly again
Me: stumbling across the toys again "What?"
NA: again quietly
Me: Leaning in very closely now. "What did you say?"
NA: with a huge grin on her face "Please choose Uncle Brian, I really like him and he is really nice." giggle
Me: Giggling " I can't choose Uncle Brian"
NA & NB: "Why Not"
Me: "Because he is my Brother"
NB: "Soooo"
Me: "It is against the law"
NB: "Why?"
Me: Thinking I am not going to be a good parent. "It is for many reasons. I know you hate this answer but you will understand when you are older"
NA: "OK"
Me: "I like Uncle Brian too, he is really nice, Aunt Lori really loves him. I promise I will find a Man that is nice like Uncle Brian"

Moments like that I miss. I better get on the hunt for my Man, someone who will be nice to NA & NB.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Once When I was Irish

See full size image
Every Holiday was a fantastic affair when I was a child. The house would be decorated, small treats or gifts would be given and usually a special dinner would be had.
St. Patrick's day was no exception. We would wake up to Leprechaun footprints all over the kitchen, usually dyed green milk and the insistence that we must get in our green outfits promptly before the pinching commenced. We would always have corn beef, cabbage and potatoes for dinner (actually that sounds quite yummy at this moment), make sugar cookies.

This day was also special because we were Irish or at least we thought so. My Mom was told that her Fathers side was Irish. She believed it of course and made sure we knew it. Our feisty nature, blamed on the Irish side, the love of red hair, that must be the Irish in us, anything our Grandpa did, was because he was Irish.
Now none of us really thought to consider the real possibility of being Irish we just went with it. Granted her maiden name wasn't very Irish at all.
So a few years ago it was discovered that my Grandfathers side was not Irish at all but Welsh.
So now instead of saying I'm Irish, I start off by saying, Once when I was Irish... I drank green milk, awed over the Leprechaun footprints and tried to eat my cabbage without complaining.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Creeptastic, uh I mean Fantastic

I have been away visiting family and have been neglecting the blog. While away I contracted "snots and boogers" as my niece likes to call it (breathing is so overrated), so until I can think clearly enjoy the little ditty of a video that has been floating around the net universe. Stick around to the 58 second mark, believe me it is creeptastic and worth it. If only I was half as limber.
My alarm is now going off, time to get my Neti pot on.