Thursday, April 23, 2009


Salt Lake went a got a professional Soccer team after I moved away. I was a bit disappointed and jealous, it is one of the sports that I will actively support. They have always had the Jazz and that is about it, well unless you count the Grizzlies or the Buzz um er Stingerzz... must add the ridiculous zz's, oh they are the Bees now sans zz's.  I stopped liking pro-basketball the day they decided they needed more money and I have not ever been a big fan of baseball.

My Sis has season tickets for the Real SL , 3rd row right behind the goal. I was lucky enough to be able to go. It was a cold rainy afternoon and so not many showed up. But fun was had none the less. The game was against DC United  and Real SL played phenomenally.
Highlights included almost getting hit in head with a ball (how are those fingers Missy), not so hot chocolate, watching the clouds get darker and darker, sitting behind some of the cutest kids ever, seeing some pretty cute soccer players and spending time with my sis.

This pic is for my sister, it has her favorite.

Just after enjoying our not so hot chocolate and getting rained on. I miss hanging out with Melissa!
I think it is time to support my local team, ok not so local, the San Jose Earthquakes. I look forward to spending summer evenings with a sport I really enjoy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sweetest

I was lucky enough to extend my recent trip to Utah so that I could meet the newest member of the family. My youngest sister had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago. I adore this baby! She is so sweet, calm and content. She is also beautiful which could be construed as favoritism, however I don't say that about to many newborns. I only wish that I lived closer so that she will know I am her favorite Aunt. Congrats to Emily and Jake, and welcome to baby I.

3 Year Old Twister

My niece wanted to play Twister recently. Since she is 3, her version is a bit different. I pick the colors and she does what ever she wants. Pretty entertaining though. I just like that in all of these photos that my other niece took her hair is always flying forward. 

And you can see that I indulged her in playing along. If you look close enough General Conference is on in the background. I think by the last session, entertaining the little ones became a priority.

Wet Dog Tail

Summer has come early to the Bay Area. It is hot and my apartment does not have air conditioning. As I sit here typing I am rethinking this whole post, this lap top is not cooling me down!
Yesterday afternoon I decided I couldn't sit in the house any longer. I was determined to get outside and read. Off to my favorite beach. Little did I know everyone else had the same idea. I spent over an hour in traffic just to get to a beach that is normally not that crowded. I didn't realize that San Francisco was also very warm. Usually it is not, so I was still in my jeans...mistake. There were a lot of people at the beach frolicking in the water, dogs running around and surfers.
I found spot laid out my blanket, rolled up my jeans, cracked open my book and hoped most people would be leaving soon since it was dinner time. 
There was a guy nearby with two dogs, they older dog would wander over and sit next to me, I didn't mind he was gentle and really wasn't bothering me. The younger dog was chasing a ball into the ocean, back and forth. An hour after I arrived, laying on my back and engrossed in my book the little dog decided that I was in his way and ran across my head. Yes MY HEAD and had the nerve to smack me in the face with its tail! Wet and sandy dog fur, blech. Needless to say my blanket was now covered in sand, I had sand in my hair, on my face, down my shirt and in my mouth.
He apologized profusely and I told him it was fine (I am too nice) and cleaned my self up. Then went back to reading and enjoying the cool ocean breeze that started to blow.
In relating this story to my co-workers they all has one question... So the Guy? Yeah they wanted to know if it was a "love match". No this is not some silly Chick Flick where a girl gets embarrassed and she meets a guy at the same time. This was at a beach outside of San Francisco, you do the math, he wasn't interested in me.
Anyway, other than the attention from the dog, spending my Sunday afternoon at my favorite beach with a good book is a fabulous way to wait out the heat wave. I think I may make it a regular occurrence.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Coming soon to the Green

I have been away and have a few items to post. So get ready to read about a new baby, hanging out with the sisters, Children's museums are not just for kids, playing twister, the lack of green thumbs, Soccer, Webkinz, Costco and the ever amusing are you man enough.
Sounds exciting doesn't it? OK I will try to make each post worthwhile.