Thursday, October 30, 2008


Supposedly as an adult I should be freaking out about another birthday. What is so wrong with getting older? I love it. For the most part every year gets better.  I am so excited to turn 35!

A few reasons why:

1. As Addie pointed out I will have a longer Birthday this year than anyone else. Why is that? Because the time change happens to be the same day. I get to celebrate for 25 hours not just the boring 24. Thanks to Addie , I am looking forward to my extra long day.

2. I have decided to spend my Birthday in Washington D.C. with possibly 2 of the coolest people on earth.

3. The election is NOT on my Birthday this year. That was a sad birthday 4 years ago....sorry if you feel differently, but I was disappointed having to share it with W.

4. Getting a Georgetown Cupcake. Apparently they are the best thing ever. 

5. The Birthday celebrations have already started.

Alarm Clock

The day before a vacation is usually a really busy and bad day at work. Everything happens only because you are trying to get out of the office with as much done as humanly possible.
I planned on coming into work early to give myself some time should any "disasters" occur.

Instead my body decided to get sick, so when my alarm clock went off at an unreasonable hour I hit snooze, after several more times I decided that my body needed the sleep more than anything. So I changed my alarm to go off at the normal time and fell back to sleep.

An unusually loud bus passed my window and I startled awake. Thinking that it had been a very long 40 min, I took a gander at the clock. It was 7:24 am....NOOOOO! That is the time I try to walk out the door. I flew out of my bed grabbed my cell phone to call the office and hoarsely screaming that I was late. A-gril thought I was going to take a sick day, while momentarily speaking with her I glanced at my cell was only 6:45. REALLY....I had time to get ready with out calling in late. Instead of changing my alarm, I changed the time. Phew!

I rushed getting ready and started my commute 5 min later than usual. Traffic was bad considering I drive a reverse commute. I almost got into an accident in the Tunnel due to a driver who decided to come to a complete stop for no reason. Praying that no other car would hit me...listening to all of the squealing brakes behind. Then out of the tunnel a car decided it wanted my lane and just came over making me swerve into the emergency lane. My heart would have taken up permanent residence with my throat if there was room...darn sore throat.

I am now at work feeling at bit stressed out and hoping to turn this into a better day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Carnival and Trunk or Treating

Last Saturday was the annual Primary Halloween Carnival and Trunk or Treating. It was so much fun! Our Primary President has so many decorations that the downstairs area is really transformed. The kids absolutely love it. I wasn't able to get many photos with my camera because I was manning the photo booth to get photos of all of the children on someone else's camera.
There were so many great and creative costumes. Mary Poppins, Madeline, A clone from Star Wars, Mad Scientist, Harry Potter, A pink flamingo, Skunk, Owl to name a few.

After a while the kids were let out to the back parking lot where a lot of the adults lined there cars up for Trunk or Treating. There were so many that the kids scored on candy (some even went around several times, taking advantage of the adults who didn't want the candy at home).

It was a fun night!

Britta and Shay...Arrgh Matey.

Jentri and Shane

Mary Poppins #1 (Addie), The other Mary Poppins is behind her.

Indiana Jones

We had the privilege of having Elvis in the building. 

Joseph as a Clone

Myself and Isaac (He was in charge of the Haunted House)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Official-Birthday Celebrations Have Begun

Tonight A-Gril and I were invited to the Christensen's for dinner. It was so much fun! When the kids caught wind that I would be in Virginia/ Washington D.C. for my special day an impromptu party was thrown.

With a candle in a cookie, Happy Birthday was sung not once but twice. The second time was Christensen style which is HILARIOUS! They all try to out do each other on the worst and loudest.

Multiple cards and hand made presents were given. Even one of the children gave up some of his Trunk or Treating  stash.

It was a wonderful evening, with a great meal, fun conversation, tag on the trampoline (don't try it injuries may occur), games of speed/war and lot's of hugs and kisses.

Thank you to the Christensen's for starting off Birthday week perfectly!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Camera Drama

Yes I know a very unflattering picture...but this is how I feel about my camera.

My Family will attest that I am the camera happy Aunt. I have taken so many pictures of my nieces and nephews that their parents rely on me to photograph their important events.

I can't say that I am a photographer, far from it actually. I like to document and share what I am seeing at the moment. Maybe it comes from living so far away from loved ones and I want them to experience what I am.

For the past 6 months my camera has been behaving badly. The lens likes to shut off right at that critical moment of getting the shot. You then have to play with it to turn back on. Meanwhile the subject is getting impatient or the moment has passed. It is rather annoying.

So in order to continue as the prime photographer in the family (Melissa will wish my camera were buried) I will need to start shopping for a new one. This is where you all come in, do you have any suggestions?  I think it is time I purchased a decent one.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For Dave....

Yummy!!! I know this is cruel to do to you but I thought I would make you miss living by me. I would bring one out but it would be gross by the time I arrive.

Explanation for those of you who are not David. My brother introduced me to Cactus Taqueria when I moved here. Their tacos are delicious goodness (or like crack as he describes it). He and his friend Jake survived on them when they first moved to Oakland. They take the shell, meat, cheese and fry it then add the rest.  The other day I went to lunch with Brittany, Isabel and A-gril. It was a grand time. 


As a woman I have a lot of partially used product. Shampoo's, Conditioner's, Gel's, Foam's, Lipstick's, Lotion's etc.  I am on an eternal search to find the next thing that will do wonders. Unfortunately you aren't able to by trial sizes to see if it even works for you.  So you spend money and then can't bring yourself to throw it away when it doesn't work for you anymore.
This doesn't even cover half of it. My drawers are full! Time has come to get rid of it. No use taking up valuable space in my small place.

However there is a new product I LOVE..... It is Aveda's Sap Moss. It is perfect with my hair. I just need a little bit to give it the umpf it needs and the shine is gorgeous. I highly recommend it. It is my new favorite thing.

The Long Winters-The Commander Thinks Aloud

I love this song. It is so beautiful and moving. It is about the Space Shuttle Columbia and the perspective of the Astronauts returning to earth prior to it disintegrating upon re-entry in 2003.

What a deal

You would think I am obsessed with shoes. I really am not. I prefer to be barefoot, I always have.  At work you can usually find my shoes somewhere under my desk. But as an adult in the working world shoes are required. Since I have to wear them I would rather be in something cute.
Newest purchase: $16 for 2 pairs of shoes. Yep, that is right a real deal.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have been mulling this post around for months, I am finally getting around to it. 
We all have our own identity, things that make us unique but in part we share traits with others.  Some people look at my siblings and can't tell any of us apart, others look at us and wonder if we are even related. We each take from different sides of the family. Yes we all have some shade of dark hair, most of us have the big ears, half have brown eyes the other hazel. Some of us are music snobs, the others could care less, modern art appeals to some and makes the others wonder what the fuss is about.

I have been thinking lately about my physical traits, attempting to focus on the ones I like. It all started with my hair. Last year I dyed my hair a shade of red, reminiscent of my Grandmother Catherine.  I loved the red, it was fantastic with my complexion, I was constantly complimented. A lot of people thought that it was my own.  Lately I have been missing my dark hair as if I was missing a part of me. My Grandmother Ermine who I closely resemble had dark black hair, I have always wanted her shade, instead I have a cross between the two. Knowing that most people would wish I continued to be red, I changed my hair back to a color closer to my natural and it fits better.  I would love to show my natural color however grey hair and vanity get in the way. Besides it would take forever to grow out. 

Not the best photo...see its brown now. I feel a lot more like me.

Moving on...the hair made me to think about both of my Grandmothers and how grateful I am for their legacy. I never knew my Fathers mom, Ermine, she passed away at a very young age, my Father was 5. I would look at pictures of her and think she was the most beautiful woman in the world. I always felt I missed out a bit by not having her around. I am sure she would have been a spectacular G-ma. I do know that she was strong woman who loved her family, music and to dance. She lived everyday of her life fully. 

Ermine, just before her death. I couldn't get a better photo (I asked others, hmm hmm, you know who you are)

My Mothers mom, Catherine, passed away 1 week before my first birthday. She to was a remarkable woman. Born premature, sent home to die, getting scarlet fever as a teenager resulting in rheumatoid arthritis, only having 1 surviving child, she persevered through it all. She may not have felt 100% about she wouldn't let you know. She had a way of making everything look beautiful. My mother said that I get that from her (I know that there is no way I am as good as she was). 

Catherine, I think she was 20 in this photo. Looking good for someone who wasn't supposed to live.

Even though I did not get a chance to know either of these women, I know that they play a huge part of who I am. Whether it is the color of my hair, the way I say my words, or what I am passionate about. I am in awe that I get to share a part of them in myself.

Red Shoes

I get so may compliments on these shoes. They were a Target find and cheap. I love finding fabulous deals. I absolutely love wearing them.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I went camping in Yosemite Valley. It was a grand time. Out spot was right next to the bathroom in the campground which we thought was quite funny. However it was really nice in the middle of the night to be right there.
Most of the water was dried up so we didn't see many waterfalls and the river was really low. We "hiked" up to Mirror lake to find out that it is a seasonal lake. Coming back from Mirror lake we managed to get on the Horse trail that runs between the two stables. It was miserable. Flies were everywhere. We had to hike flailing our arms. I was so happy not to overstep horse manure when we reached the end.
I wanted to be tourist and stay in the valley. I hadn't really seen the Villages or the Ahwanhee Hotel. So we walked all around and had a grand time.
I think my favorite moment was at the Ahwanhee. We were eating lunch on a bench and across the lawn was a Wedding. One of the little boys dropped his pants and started peeing on a tree right next to everyone in their nice clothes. The Father was a bit embarrassed and told the boy he needs to go inside and then when the boy was done, the Father was kicking dirt onto the spot as if he were a cat. It was entertaining.

It was a lovely weekend that mostly made me miss the Wasatch Mountains and impromptu camping.