Friday, February 29, 2008

Congrats Dave!

My Brother Dave just accepted a permanent position at Discovery Channel. As a Graphic Designer that is a big deal. Normally Discovery uses only contracted Designers and they may not ask them back once the contract is expired.

CONGRATS DAVE,You deserve it!

Dave and I are only 18 mos apart. So growing up we were together a lot. We were great friends and even better enemies (the bruises have healed). Thankfully now that we are adults the great friends overpowered the enemy.

We share interest in a lot of things. Music, Art, Movies, TV, Politics. Oh and I can tolerate his occasional lecture. He was the one who convinced me to move to the Bay area, he just knew that I would love it (I do).

Love Ya Dave! I know that you and Brooke are doing the happy dance, so am I.

Photos, Dave and I at Lake Tahoe, Uncle Dave (taken by Noah,5yrs) 

Thursday, February 28, 2008

This year I'm not a slacker

Every year I procrastinate doing my taxes. It is not like they are hard, what with being able to file the EZ form. So far I haven't owed any taxes and I usually get a pretty decent return. Considering that you would think that I would just do them the moment I had all the info. Usually I wait until the week of April 15th.  I tell myself that I am better than most because I do get in the mail before the 15th. 

Well I did them today, Yes a full 47 days prior to the due date. I am officially not a slacker this year.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Shins - Australia

La la la la...This song makes me happy and want an orange balloon.

The video reminds me of Bottle Rocket.

Loney, Dear - I Am John (live at Lowlands 2007)

This song makes me want to dance.

The Getty

How do you spend Martin Luther King Jr day when you find that you have the day off? Well you drive down to So Cal to see a Awesome friend and make it a great holiday.
A gril was already down there for a business trip so she extended her stay. We spent the weekend being pampered by TL who lives in Camarillo and is a Professor at Cal State Channel Islands. (Yep she is smart).

We went to one of the beaches in Malibu, ate at a Thai/Peruvian restaurant (yes a combo I would have never thought of), watched a really bad movie, walked around the stunning yet small campus of CSUCI and went to the Getty Museum.

I fell in LOVE with the Getty. Not so much for what was in the Getty but for the architecture (by Richard Meier) and the grounds. Oh and the best thing... it is FREE. Yep you just have to pay for parking which is 8 buckaroos per car. SO CHEAP! 

We walked around the grounds first before the sun set. They are amazing and I am sure they are prettier in the spring and summer. The view overlooking LA and the Pacific Ocean is grand. There are several buildings to explore, so we chose a couple based on the art installations. 

If you ever find yourself in LA make it a point to visit the Getty. You won't be disappointed.

All in all it was a splendid weekend filled with lovely friends, laughter and to many pictures to count. Thanks to TL for being a gracious hostess. 

Picture This

It is twilight.  The horizon has a deep pink the rest of the sky is dark. The lights from the city's are a glow. You can see the bay and only the outlines of the surrounding hills.
It was breathtaking! 
The view from Temple Hill makes you stop and take it all in.

If only I had my camera, not that it would have captured it. I do love the sunsets in the Bay Area, that is when the fog has not rolled in.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Once - Falling Slowly (Oscar Nominated)

THEY WON for best Song!!!! They deserve it! They even brought Marketa back after the commercial break so that she could give her speech.

See I really did get inside PIXAR...

I am lucky enough to have a cool friend that works for PIXAR. She invites me over when they are playing cool movies on Monday nights. I also have had the privilege to see Ratatouille prior to opening night and the Simpsons Movie. Thanks M for letting me come crash your place of work (& eat out of the cereal bar).
These photos are for my nephews and nieces. I love you!

Friday, February 22, 2008


I am spoiled. I am lucky enough to live in the Bay Area. One of the many perks is the food. I LOVE THE FOOD. Just with in walking distance from The Green I have my choice of  Caribbean, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Mexican, American, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, and more.  That is just one street. I am surrounded by such streets and am rarely disappointed. 

Tonight I went to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Xyclo.  The food is so beautiful. The flavors so aromatic and fresh. The atmosphere is great.  The only thing that was missing was my friends and family (those adventurous enough to try it, ahem you know who you are).

So when you find yourself in the Bay Area make sure that you are ready to eat well.

My dinner was perfect, it was exactly what I was craving.  I am now Blissfully Full!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tour of California

A long time ago I was a different person. I couldn't get enough of cycling. I couldn't wait for the Spring Classics to begin and was sad when the final day of the Vuelta a Espana came. I would be constantly glued to Live results on Cycling News when a race was in progress. I also made sure that I had access to OLN now known as VS so that I could watch the highlights.

Slowly something started to change. I never loved Lance Armstrong. Sure he should be admired for winning so many Tours however did he really compete in any other race. I just felt that there were so many other riders that had much more talent and heart and they deserved the attention.

Then the whole doping came to light. Arggh, How Disheartening! I am sure a lot of them did it just to compete. It shouldn't have come to that but it did.

My obsession turned to a casual observer when my favorite Mario Cipollini retired. If only his last season was a better one. Instead it was plagued with crashes and many injuries.

Alas last Sunday arrived. The Tour of California was starting. Was I interested...maybe. It is in my backyard and I have the chance to see some of them race. I take a glance at the start list, I see some of my favorites...Fabian Cancellara, Victor Hugo Pena, Levi Leipheimer, Stuart O'Grady. It's beginning to get my attention. Then I see Utah's own David Zabriskie, I do love to watch him (love the 'stache). David Millar is back and clean. I am now excited.  Then my heart starts to beat and a smile crosses my face as I read MARIO CIPOLLINI has come out of retirement and is racing. HOW COOL IS THAT?

The Prologue started and I was jumping up and down when Zabriskie's time was under 4 minutes. From that moment I knew this was not going to be a casual race and it hasn't.

Once again I am am in Love with cycling. So if you are wondering what I am up to from February thru September...most likely watching cycling.

Photos: 1. David Millar  2. Super Mario 3. David the 'stache Zabriskie

Elbow - Puncture Repair Live Queens Hall Edinburgh

From the moment I first heard this song I was in Love. It is so simple and beautiful.
This is for all of you who have been my Puncture Repair...Thank You!

Sorry about the video quality, there are only 2 available and this is the better one.

On a side note Elbow's finally releasing their next album in March. Wahoo!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I heart John

I don't really like The Gap. Occasionally I will find something that I like enough to buy. My adorable red shoes aka Sunday shoes.
At Christmas time I was at Union Square to see the lights and low and behold look at the gift the Gap gave to me.... Isn't he just swell.
Maybe I will rethink my relationship with the Gap. 

The Green

I live in a mint green cottage. I love it! It is the best place in Oakland. I know, I'm completely biased. My room mate aka The A Gril (she prefers the nickname) and I have dubbed this place The Green. It has been a fun gathering place for dinners, parties, games and The Office watching.
It is close to Lake Merritt, Piedmont and Grand Avenues, and the best Cemetery in the Bay Area.
I only show this because my Parents and a few of my siblings have yet to come visit. Yes that is a minor guilt trip. So when you think of me in Oakland, think of me happily in The Green.


I don't think that my life is above average, however their are moments that I wish my family and friends were around to share. This blog will serve as an outlet for such moments and musings about things I like or don't.