Monday, January 24, 2011

Nature is Cool

The California Academy of Sciences is a fantastic place to spend a day or just a few hours. Luckily enough while my Nieces and Nephew were visiting there was a free day. We woke early to stand in a very long line that snaked through Golden Gate park. We thought we wouldn't get in but once the doors opened the line moved fast. It was so worth not having to pay $24 a piece.

Claude the albino alligator. He is the mascot and most likely would have been killed in the wild. We lucked out and saw him move if only a few feet. I guess he is quite sedentary.

We had a fabulous time watching the penguins, staring at Claude, getting lost in the Aquarium, and gazing at the butterflies. I am so glad we braved the line and woke oh so very early.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Marin Headlands

I LOVE the Marin Headlands. 
It is a place where I go to gather my thoughts. 
I feel complete happiness when I am surrounded by the beauty. 

Point Bonita Light House

The beautiful, ever moving, freezing fog.

I have always called this elephant rock. However from above it is not. It actually is a self imposed bird sanctuary. No predators can reach them on it.

This area has several old and abandoned artillery buildings. 

One of the old lookouts. Ali and Spencer dared to explore. It was full of really amazing graffiti.

While they were exploring, Lauren and I were here. Oh so far.

The Gate is Golden

I adore this Bridge. It is so iconic. 
Everyone knows, just by a mere glimpse, that they want to visit the City by the Bay.
I have yet to walk across, maybe one day when I desire to fight the crowds. But for now I will just gaze upon it and marvel at its beauty.