Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photo o' the Day

California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park

I have a lot of pictures to post and I will get to it sooner or later. For now I post this one, well because I like it. Have a lovely end of the week!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Queen Klutz!

 I trip/ fall frequently usually resulting in a minor bruise or general achiness. Every once in a while it causes major wounds and scars that will last forever. Last night there was another incident where gravity or my body decided to give in completely. Granted this could also be blamed on my lack of thinking.

I was given a T-shirt from a co-worker yesterday that I was going to wear to work today, as a kind of joke. Well this co-worker smokes so the shirt smelled just a bit. So I decided to take the lazy route and Febreeze it. As I stood in the kitchen practically soaking the shirt thru, I didn't think of the consequences of how the floor would be effected. As I started to walk out of the Kitchen I slipped on the now very wet floor. My whole body flung ungracefully into mid air crashing down head first into the door jam, slamming my shoulder and hand into the shelving system next to it. (yes it is giggle worthy)

I lay there clutching my head, hoping and praying that it would not bleed, feeling the swelling form under my fingers. Poor A-gril had no idea what had happened, she sprung into action grabbing a bag of frozen peas and praying herself that there wouldn't be blood (she is very queasy).

I moved to the couch and lay there with the peas while A-gril studied up on concussions and the like. She was terribly worried (as was I). Every once in a while she would blurt out "recite the Alphabet", "Are you feeling really angry right now". It was kind of amusing.

Needless to say I didn't sleep well last night, but other then a sensitive head (the swelling has gone down a bit), bruises on my shoulder, palm and the usual general achiness, I think I am alright.

Granted the Febreeze didn't work and I had to wash the shirt anyway...proof that this whole incident could have been avoided all together.

So yes I now dub myself Queen Klutz.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Japanese Tea Garden

One afternoon while S.A.L. were visiting we went to the Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park. It was a lovely day and and the light was amazing. Enjoy the Photos

S A and L in order. L has a beautiful smile however she doesn't like it. Really she is a very happy lady, just not in photos.

Oh look L is smiling...and covering it up....Oh well.

Monday, September 6, 2010

7th Labor Day

This labor day marks my 7th in the Bay Area. Yes 7 Labor day weekends ago I loaded up a truck with my scant (ha!) belongings, gathered a couple of Rock Star Friends and Rock Star Sisters and headed West.
My Brother had been attempting to convince me for years to move to the Bay Area and I would never take the bait.

Then one very Hot April day, while sitting at Coachella he called asking if I could immediately send my resume to him. Well I couldn't because I was currently in the middle of nowhere. When I finally returned home we chatted and he convinced me to move (the best life changing conversation ever... Thank's Dave!)

Anywho I admit in the beginning I was homesick for the place I didn't love for so many years, why I couldn't figure it out. It must of been the familiarity. I told myself I would stick it out for 2 years, I felt that was a respectable time frame to say I DID IT.

Well as you can see the 2 years have come and gone and I am still here and LOVING it more then ever. Occasionally however I have to quell the itch to move onto some place else. I hear and see where other people live and to steal a phrase from 30 Rock "I want to go to there". Maybe one day I will. For now I have Fabulous Friends, a good job, and I live in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Oakland, why move?

So what did I do to celebrate my 7th Labor Day weekend...So far nothing glamourous, I bought new tires (OUCH!), found out I am going to be an AUNT AGAIN!!!  Enjoyed a lovely Picnic in the park with such lovely people, and for today well I bought a Fab new dress ( I know I know, when did I become such a shopper), sat on a bench in a lovely park and read a book, attempted to watch Battlestar Galactica (I am still trying to see what the fuss is about), went for a walk and now dinner. Actually it has been a perfect Labor Day weekend!

Here is to another year living by the Bay...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Point Reyes

Point Reyes is one of my favorite places to visit. The drive there is beautiful as you pass thru Marin County, Samuel P Taylor National Park (gorgeous) and then the 150 year old farms. 
When S, A & L (further known as SAL in subsequent posts) came to visit we spent a Sunday afternoon gazing at the water, fighting the wind, taking many a photo and feeding the crows (which L did not like).

For A. She wanted me to take this pic in B&W and with my non-crappy camera

I love them so much!

It's been a long time since they have seen the ocean

The Light House. The stairs were closed so we couldn't climb down to it. It was super windy that day, but then again I suppose it is always super windy at the Light House.

L finding a small moment without the wind

Ahh little bitty Fawns. They were so cute to watch.  At one time they were on the other side of the fence but they were determined to get through, over or under it for the longer grass.

It was a fun afternoon spent showing S, A & L a really beautiful part of Northern California.

And now the low point of the trip....

Can you say annoying. This group was so loud and obnoxious while we were eating our picnic. People started to leave. They were taking pictures for over 30 take a pic of us doing this, now this, now this....They were happy to say the least.