Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Avett Brothers - GGAAAHHH!

SQUEEEEE! (to borrow from my friend Hairyshoefairy). The new Avett Brothers album dropped today and I can't tell you how happy I am. I think it is on rotation 6 already, it is all I listened to on the way to, at and way home from work.

Needless to say I LOVE it! It is definitely a slight departure from their past releases only because this is a cleaned up "big label studio album" which some super fans are griping at, but I don't care it is still amazing.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Music Memory

It's getting late and I have had a long yet fulfilling day and should probably start winding down. It's dangerous for me to start a post before bed. Once my brain starts in this mode I won't be able to shut it off.

I have a lot of posting to do however I will start with one.

Most memories are triggered by something, a smell, seeing something, a sound, event or a person. For instance when I smell Cinnamon Rolls I instantly think of my Mom who with 6 kids running around insisted on making everything from scratch. Now that is true love and I still crave hers over anyone else's.
I smell bread baking it takes me back to my Aunt Kae's kitchen, standing on a step stool and learning from the master. Oh how I loved just to be near her.
The sound of Crickets and Locust instantly throw me back to Missouri nights. At the time I hated the screeching locusts, however when we moved away I was not able to fall asleep for weeks.
The one sense however that seems to bring memories most to the forefront for me is sound. Music has always been apart of me, not in the sense that I studied it or am into the technicality of it. I know what music moves me and I am on a constant search to find more.
For instance when I hear Emmy Lou Harris, it immediately reminds me of my Dad and a road trip our family went on. He wanted so bad to listen to a tape he brought and my mother insisted on not playing country in the car. Side note it also reminds me that I want her hair and to look like her when I am older.
When I hear Let It Be by the Beatles, it reminds me of being in the station wagon with my Mom and realizing for the first time that Sesame Street did not write the song (they had "Letter B" sung to the same tune) and in fact it was the Beatles.
A few months ago I was talking to some friends about a particular day when my iPod seemed to shuffle to several songs that resonated different memories and I decided what an interesting way I can share songs I love and what they remind me of.
I am not going to post them all now, but from time to time I will post a song and the memory associated. It may be interesting for some of you and not so much for others, for me it will be cathartic.
So to start it off, I will begin with the band that possibly sent me in a new and exciting direction, The Smiths. I know they are a bit "depressing" however if it wasn't for them I may be listening to adult contemporary pop (not that there is anything wrong with that) and think it's good.
When I was fourteen I attended early morning seminary with all of the other 14-18 yr olds at church. One particular morning at 6 am Greg handed over his Walkman and said "you must hear this". Between Morrissey's voice and Marr's guitar playing I was smitten. I will never forget that morning sitting on the arm of a chair soaking it in. It was also the moment I realized that I couldn't rely on the radio to feed my appetite, I had to search it out myself.
So here is the song that started my love for all things Morrissey and Marr, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dr. Horrible at the 2009 Emmys takes over tv

I love Dr. Horrible and I heart NPH. The only other thing that could possibly top this was Ricky Gervais.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sweet Sounds

This morning my alarm went off and I heard a familiar voice streaming thru the waves. As I gathered my head together I realized it was my lovely and super talented friend Julie. It was such a nice way to make myself crawl out of bed.

She has such an amazing voice and is perfect for NPR. The story was of another politician and his philandering ways and I am sure she gets tired of reporting on the same 'ole thing, tho she is fantastic at it.

There was a time that we did all things together, she was my food, movie and music buddy. We now live on opposite sides of the country, rarely get to see each other, but happy are the times when we are lucky enough to cross paths.

If you want to hear yourself how talented she is go here. I am sure she is embarrassed that I am gloating about her but she is my friend and I am allowed.

Fredrik - '11 Years'

I heart Swedes. Really I do. Collectively they seem to put out great music...that is on the indie side.
Fredrik's Na Na Ni album has been on repeat for a few days now and I still can't get enough.