Wednesday, August 26, 2009


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Heart attack anyone? I am sure this will be a big seller. Thanks to Melissa who manages to find new ways to make my day. Warning you may just want to throw up and or rush out to Omaha and get yourself one.
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Monday, August 24, 2009


Recently I drove, yes stupidly by myself, from Oakland to Idaho. I must admit when I crossed the border into Idaho from Nevada I was so ecstatic to see the golden wheat fields. Not only because the landscape in Nevada leaves something to be desired but the fact that I had only 2 more hours left of the 13 hour drive.

I promptly set my iPod to play "Idaho" by Gregory Alan Iskakov, a song I had been playing in heavy rotation prior to the trip (it is a gorgeous song, check it out).

The reason for this drive was for a Family Reunion. My immediate family has a hard time getting together, there is always someone missing and it usually takes a wedding (one of the siblings only) to get us in the same place.

It was a fabulous time filled with laughter, a lot of food, hiking, floating down a river, and very little sleep. I loved every moment reconnecting with everyone. I really LOVE my Family, I am a lucky girl to have the best Parents and Siblings.

The clouds on Saturday were heavy and gorgeous. A view from my Sisters deck.

My Niece C and Sis-in Law L. C is such a girlie girl. Rearranging her room daily to weekly (something I did when I was young) and making/selling her own hair accessories, coordinating outfits. She is so much fun to be around.

Sis in Law B with Baby I. Look at the blue eyes.

The Kids. They are all so different but get along so well. Love them!

A and I. She is becoming quite an amazing young lady.

Road block, we were sitting in stopped traffic on our way to Island Park, this pond was full of Lilly pads, it was a pretty view.

Nothing like a mid morning hike. There were plenty of wild raspberries, so yummy.

Half the family, floating down the river. My Sister was determined it was a race. We weren't racing (OK only occasionally to catch up). I could have spent all day doing this. It was so relaxing!

N is obsessed with slides, princesses and long hair. She told me that when I finally grow my hair long that I would be pretty. Oh the logic of a little girl.

The trampoline a favorite pass time for all of us.

After spending time with the family I drove down to Utah to meet up with a some cousins and a couple of friends. I ate so much in 2 1/2 days that I thought I was going to explode.

An amusing thing happened when I was meeting my friend Deborah. The place we planned on meeting closed so we decided instead of getting in our cars (a UT thing to do) and drive across the street, that we would walk. Once we got to the other place it was closed also, so we walked back. There was this man and woman sitting on the patio of the first place that were freaked out by this. He was worried that we had left a "bomb" because of our "suspicious" activity. We got a kick out of it. Oh Murray UT you make me giggle sometimes.

Amazing Amber flew up from St. George to meet up with Brooke and I. She suggested that we go to Beehive Tearoom, it is such and great place and is a fun place to gather with friends. We were even able to drag Melissa along. It was a little refinement before the Soccer game. Brooke and Amber had never been to a MLS game, I think they are fans now, only because of the hot men. Afterwards we had to eat again. I think at that moment I was done eating for a while.

All in all it was a fun trip and I wish that I had more time to see even more of my friends. Maybe next trip.

Favorite moments:
*Listening to Baby I giggle
*N explains what playing "PG-7 is"... "Well it's like PG-13 but for 7 year olds". Still confused on how to play. He is obsessed with the fact he can't watch any of the super hero movies because they are PG-13.
*Family photo time
*Thai food with the sisters
*Dropping in on Aunt Kae and Uncle Duane unannounced and getting the best hugs next to my parents. I love those two!
*Pulled Pork Tacos...can you say YUMMY.
*Laughing, Laughing and more Laughing until your sides hurt

Oh and a nice gift that mother nature gave. Some sort of rash, I woke up Friday morning with it. I think it is heat rash. Yes my legs are slowly recovering, for now I am dealing with it, but I would love to shave my legs.

Sun Flowers

I love buying fresh flowers. These Sun Flowers are currently brightening up the dining nook. It was fun to test out the new camera and take a few pictures.