Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Looked Out The Window And What Did I See...

No not Popcorn...Cherries!
Who knew that the lone tree on the property was a Cherry Tree. This is my 3rd spring here and the first time I noticed it.
I wonder if they are any good...I hope so.

Emily and Jake's Kitty

Emily and Jake got a kitty. Isn't he cute? His name is Rocky. Melissa was trying to convince them to adopt his sister and name her Adrian (get it?). They only wanted one kitty. Melissa tried to convince me that I needed a kitty. I am fine with other people having cats, I just don't want one for myself.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mom's Foot

So when my Mom went to get her cast the only color they had was "peach". Of course we all know this is not peach and if it were hunting season she would fit right in. Unfortunately the doctor said that she had to keep the cast for another 2 weeks. Sorry Mom.
As you can see we tried to make it look better.

Easter Candy

Noah made good on his promise. He saved is "big" Easter candy for me.  Melissa and I had a nice treat. 
Thanks Noah!

Chloe's Lady Bugs

While Chandler and I were helping Chloe with her chore of picking weeds. She was playing with her Lady Bugs. She is a hard worker, can you tell.
According to her the little Lady Bug is two yrs old.

Idaho-Sunday, Monday

If you choose to attend Sacrament meeting twice in one day. Make sure it isn't High Council Sunday. Sitting through one could put one to sleep but two in a row can put you in a Coma.

I chose to attend both because I hadn't spent much time with the Fuller's and I just had to see Spencer and Chandler bless and pass the Sacrament. I spent the first Sacrament with Noah on my lap, he is getting so big but I love that he still wants to cuddle. He of course fell asleep and became dead weight.  I then rushed of to the Memmott's Sacrament. It was pretty cool to see my nephews fulfill their Priesthood duties.

Dinner at the Fuller's was delicious, especially the rolls soaked in butter and garlic. The Memmott's came over and we played Apples to Apples and ate cookies. The kids found the Halloween costumes, it was quite entertaining. I love to be around my family it is always fun to chat with each other.

Chander and Noah... Chandler and Lauren

That night Naomi was so excited to share her room with me. Granted she doesn't sleep in her own room. Currently she is sharing with Noah.  Noah says that it is because she is scared, of course we all know that most likely he is the one that is scared.

I promised the older kids that I would take them to see Prince Caspian so a plan was made that I would pick them up after school. Coordinating 4 kids and 3 different schools is not easy...especially if one of them doesn't arrive on time (Spencer). We had a great time at the movie and general consensus was that we all liked it. Of course Chandler (who had just reread the book Sunday morning) and Lauren reminded us that it was not like the book. Of course it wasn't no movie that is based on a book is.

The trip to Idaho was fun. I really love to hang out with my Family. It is crazy to see how fast the kids are growing. To talk to my niece about crushes, to see my nephew driving it is surreal.

Some of my favorite moments....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Idaho- Friday and Saturday

Last Friday I ventured to Idaho.  On my way to Rexburg I stopped at a couple of our plant locations to visit some colleagues. It was fun to see them in their environment which is completely different than my little office cubicle. Because I was taking so long I received a couple of phone calls from my nephew Noah. He was to excited to see his Aunt and wanted to know how much longer it was going to take. Unfortunately I left late and wasn't going to arrive until the afternoon.
By the time I reached Rexburg I was starving, the last thing I ate was a bowl of Trix for breakfast. It was now after 3. I met my Sister Stephanie on campus at Noah's preschool. She had just picked up Lauren who was soaking wet from a water fight at school (oh the good ole' days) and had Naomi in the car. It was fun to hold Naomi and have her just stare and stroke my face. Not a word came out of her mouth, she was just taking me in. We observed Noah in class. They have it set up that you can watch them and they can't see you. By this time I was getting very hungry. My sister suggested going to Subway in the Wal-Mart (my favorite place). She forgot to pick up something there and I could eat while she shopped.
I had Noah and Noami with me. I bought them chips and attempted to eat my sandwich, of course they helped me, commenting that it was spicy.

I left Wal-Mart and went over to my Brother and Sis-in-Law's place. I was going to babysit for them while they had a night out. It was Lori's birthday and Brian's was 10 days prior.  Spencer, Chandler, Chloe and I ate spaghetti, went for a walk, played outside and watched Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were Rabbit. Around 9 Brian and Lori returned and we went to get ice cream. Yummy!

I slept in Chloe's room and she was more than happy to share. Usually when I am sleeping with my Sister's kids the jump on me to wake me up. Chloe on the other hand is very polite and will sigh and clear her throat several times (in an hour) to wake me up. Ahh I love that kid.  Lori made delicious Swedish pancakes for breakfast and then they went to the Temple. The morning was spent making sure the kids did their chores and playing outside. Spencer finally came to around 10:30/11, the life of a 16 yr old.

We then had Tamales for lunch and drove to the zoo in Idaho Falls. Yes Idaho Falls has a zoo. Pictures to prove it. 

After the zoo I promised the older kids we would see Prince Caspian. Spencer and I went to pickup tickets and they were sold out. My bad. Instead Spencer, Chandler, Chloe and I went to the Fuller's (my sister) to play.

Lauren, Chandler, Chloe and Noah on the trampoline. See all of the trenches. Brian (bro-in-law) and Stephanie are laying their own sprinkler system. All by themselves. Good luck to them.

Later that night, after a few rounds of DDR (Dance, Dance, Revolution)I drove Chloe and Chandler home. Spencer and I were going to watch a movie at the Fuller's. They have a theatre room so it makes movie watching a great experience. I felt I had to make up for the blunder with Prince Caspian. It was 1 am before we left, we were zombies. I hit the panic button on the rental car which promptly woke us both up and most likely the neighbors. Thank goodness church started at 1.

Utah Trip

My Parents were supposed to come here but with my Mom's broken foot and my Dad's recent surgery they could not travel. Because I had the time off and was desperate for a vacation, I went there. (Really I'm not bitter, one day I will get to travel elsewhere).

Of course my family wanted Trader Joe's...I had to return one of my parents bag so I filled it with goodies and hand me down's for my Niece.

It was a good trip I filled it with many get together's with friends and family.

I first went to see my lovely friend Carrie and her brand new baby Nathaniel. Isn't he adorable?

I then met Suzi for lunch. I have not seen her in 4 years. It was fun to catch up. She is an amazing person. I absolutely adore her. She married over a year ago and now is in the process of adopting a 14 yr old boy from Ethiopia. She is a nurse and travels once a year with Operation Smile. She met him a couple of years ago and felt that there was a reason they met. The last two trips they have sent her back, it is providence and I hope all goes well with the adoption.

That night my Parents, Melissa, Emily and Jake met for dinner. Of course we went to Joy Luck. One of the family favorites, nothing like large portions of Chinese food. Melissa and I shared and it was the right amount.  I love being with my family!

Thursday I met one of my favorite cousins Julianna for lunch. We don't get to see each other often. When I come to town I am usually hanging out with sisters or driving up to Idaho. It was a good time to catch up and so much fun to see her.

I then went to meet Deborah for tea. She just happened to be in town at the same time. What luck. We chatted for a few hours. Caught up on what each of us were doing. She now lives in a small college town on the western edge of Idaho.  I hope that we can meet in Seattle soon.

Then it was off to pick up Melissa and meet Belinda and Lisa for dinner.  Thai food....I LOVE Thai food. We should have shared but we didn't. The portions could feed an army. It was so delicious and the company was great. We laughed, caught up on the gossip and they promised to visit soon. I am holding them to it.

All in all it was a busy couple of days. I loved every minute of it.  I should of taken pictures of everyone but I was caught up in the moment to care.

Half Moon Bay

I love living in the Bay Area. There is so much to do. I recently drove down to Half Moon Bay. It is a lovely drive with the exception of coming back and sitting in San Francisco traffic.
If you ever come out make a stop at Half Moon Bay.
Pictures below.

This is what the wind and ocean air do to my hair....Lovely isn't it.

Iron Man vs Made of Honor

Iron ManMade of Honor 
I went to see both of these movies opening weekend. I know that there really is no contest between them and one is far superior over the other, but I will give my thoughts on both.

Friday night was reserved for Made of Honor. It was a girls night out and the whole purpose was to get together with friends. We knew that the movie was going to be cliched rom-com but like watching a car crash, we girls must watch. It was bad. The highlight of the night was spending time with Brittany and A-Gril.

Saturday night...Iron Man. I didn't know what to expect. It is a 2nd tier Marvel super-hero (I know, I'm a Nerd). So far I haven't loved most super-hero movies. Spiderman was a joke. X-Men had a good run, until the 3rd. I have yet to subject myself to the "new" Superman. Question is when is the Wonder Twins movie coming out? Can they make 3 out of them turning into different forms of water and animal. Maybe Gleek the monkey will get his own show. I digress.

I really like the new take on Batman  and look forward to June when I can see Christian, I mean Batman, in all his glory. So back to Iron Man.... A.J. (fellow geek), Lisa and A-Gril went to see it. It was AWESOME! I have always loved Robert Downey Jr and he did not disappoint. Even Gwyneth did a decent job of not getting under my skin. Lisa even approved and she does not like geek movies.

So wait for Made of Honor to play on TNT or TBS and GO GO GO see Iron Man.

ELBOW Interview

If you couldn't tell I am obsessed with ELBOW. My lovely sis sent me this, she is awesome!
Enjoy the interview.