Thursday, March 27, 2008

I wish I lived in the UK

Only because the new ELBOW album has been released.  I want to know when they are going to release it here. I want my copy NOW. I am growing very impatient. What I have heard so far is grand.

monty python and the holy grail credits

Along the lines of my previous post. I was remembering my favorite all time Opening. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I love the whole mouse bit.
When I was younger we were not allowed to watch Monty Python. Who knows the correct reasoning (I think it was because my Mom didn't find it funny, she can dispute the reason. Why else would we get to watch Dukes of Hazard which was raunchy in its own right). I would argue that my Uncle Tom owned the movie so it couldn't be that bad.
I remember the first time I did get to see this movie was on a Saturday and no one was home but me. How clandestine! I immediately fell in love.
Sorry about the video quality it is the only one with all of the credits and the first scene. Oh Coconuts.

Vacancy opening credits

I post this for my Artist Brothers. I have not seen this movie nor do I think that I will.
I really like the type and think that it is very well done.
Maybe my brothers will like it to....that is if they even read my blog. wink wink

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

R.E.M. - Nightswimming

Yesterday was one of those days. You know the kind you feel like a two yr old and can't do anything right.
On the drive home the Ipod shuffled to this song. I no longer feel so sorry for myself. When this album came out my family had just moved from Colorado to Utah. We were living in a shared rental meaning all the families that were transfered were sharing while they waited for homes to be built etc. My family was relegated to the basement. It was miserable. I shared the living room/kitchenette/bedroom with my brother and two sisters. It was not pleasant for any of us.
I would lay in bed with my walkman and listen to my cassette tapes (yes I am that old).
REM was on heavy rotation at that time and I loved this song.
This memory has reminded me that I have come far and even though I am feeling low, I don't have to share my room any more.


After really bad news last week with a cancer scare, my Dad received a second opinion today. Everything is fine. PHEW!
I am really happy to hear the great news. I am sure you are just as relieved Dad. Love you and can't wait to see you in May!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Candy Logic...

According to a 5 yr old. I was speaking with my Nephew Noah on Saturday about all the goodies in his basket. The conversation went a little like this:

Me: Which candy is your favorite?
N: I like all candy.
Me: Oh Ok
N: Actually the sour ducks were really good. I think I like them best. Ooh and the chocolate. Only the small chocolate though.
Me: Why only the small chocolate?
N: Well because you can pop it in your mouth.
Me: OK?
N: You know eat it all at once.
Me: Oh I see
N: I got a long chocolate, it's really big. I don't like that one because you can't pop it in your mouth.
Me: But it is more chocolate, so it is better.
N: No it is not because you can't pop it. So I am not going to eat it.
Me: WHAT? Send it to me then
N: Ok, I will

Note to Steph and Brian, don't waste big chocolate on Noah. Oh and I am waiting for the the big chocolate to be sent to me.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm Bored

So today is a Holiday, you know Good Friday. We used to get it off until last year the higher ups decided it would be more PC to have MLK Jr day off instead. Who wants another day in January off? Good Friday was the perfect day. The sun is usually shining and you really have spring fever.

As I sit here at work with nothing to do today because most of my clients in Latin America take this day off, it is Saturday in the Far East and late in Europe. I have cleaned off my desk, purused many a blog online, read the news and am about to crack open my book. So this is what I am getting paid to do today.

I will play a little Vampire Weekend on my Ipod and watch the clock crawl for the next two hours.

I really wish I was really busy right about now....oh the phone is ringing...I have never been so excited.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Has it been 5 years?

Whether you are/were for or against, Pro/Anti-Bush, Conservative, Liberal or Independent, Most of us have not been asked to sacrifice a single thing for this War. In wars of the past all Americans were asked to sacrifice something of themselves to help out. Whether it was to serve via draft, send a child off, or ration clothing and food.
There have been almost 4,000 men and women who have voluntarily stepped up and given their lives for this country. There are countless more that continually are sent back tour after tour. All for us to be able to wake up in the morning and go about our days as usual.
My personal view (this is my opinion only) is that we should have never gone into Iraq. I have felt this way since it was announced. If you have ever studied history you would have realized that the Middle East lives by their History. It was going to turn into a civil war between the Sunni's and Shi'ite's. But I digress and do not want to start a debate.
This morning I was listening to Perspective on KQED and he says it so much better. Click on Pass the Chardonnay.Hopefully this link works..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

San Luis Obispo

What a great town San Luis Obispo is. A Gril and I made a stop for lunch on our way back from visiting Tracylee.  We walked around for a bit and saw one of the Missions. I fell in love with the font they use on the signs in town. Not that it is my favorite font, it just was not the standard green sign we are all used to. If only every city would be so creative.
I also like the "free library". It was only a library for a year in the early 1900's. I guess the concept didn't go over so well back then.
I look forward to returning in May when my parents come to visit (YIPPEE!).  
I am not a photographer but like everyone else armed with a digital, I like to think I am.
Enjoy the photos of San Luis Obispo.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bring on the GOLDBAREN...

The A Gril just returned home from a business trip to Germany. It is kind of ironic that she gets to go to cool places and works for an online Sheet Music company and I am in the International Department for my company and get to travel to exotic eastern Idaho. (no offense to those who choose to live there).
Any way look what she brought me! For some odd reason I love these gummy bears. Maybe it is because they are from Germany or because their great slogan "Kids and Grown-ups Love it so". I can't wait to break the bag open and eat some Goldbaren.
I am really glad A Gril is back. The Green isn't the same without her, it doesn't laugh at my jokes.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It Must be Spring

What a week... how can losing 1 measly hour wreak so much havoc on my body? Just like everyone else I was a zombie.  All I wanted to do yesterday at work was close my eyes, I even considered  for a moment that nobody would notice if I crawled under my desk and took a nap. Yeah right, I sit in an open space with 4 other ladies.

Well last night instead of going to sleep, I came home and started cleaning and didn't get to bed until after midnight. I woke up and continued until now. The Green looks great. It is not that the Green was filthy, I just have accumulated a lot of stuff. It feels good to get rid of some of it.

Of course now I am thinking of all the things I want to get. I guess Spring Cleaning is only for making room for the new stuff.

Look What Melissa Did...

She was daring today and cut off a lot of her hair. Look how good looking she is. 

Melissa Rocks! I miss getting to see her all of the time. 

Monday, March 10, 2008


I realized this past weekend that I have passed my 2 year mark living in the Green. I can't believe it has gone by that fast. I LOVE living here.  

It didn't always feel that way. I felt rushed finding a place to move to and a person to move in with. The first year I concentrated on the negative.  There is no A/C, no heat in the bedrooms, no dishwasher, only 1 parking spot, and a neurotic cat that peed everywhere.  

Then A-gril moved in and I realized that this is the perfect cottage. It does not share walls with another unit. It is roomy considering the area. It was built in the '4o's so it has charm. The windows in the living room. I love to sit by them on a Sunday afternoon with a good book. A/C is only necessary 3 wks of the summer.  The rent is amazing considering. It is close to everything I like to do and many more things I have yet to discover. 

I have had many a good time in the Green and plan to have many more. I am sure if you have ever stayed in the Green you would love it to. So come visit, the Green & I will treat you well.

With that said, I can't believe almost 4 years have passed since I dared to move to the Bay Area with no other reason than for the adventure. Who knew it would have turned out to be the most challenging and the most rewarding decision I have made.  I can't say that I wasn't homesick, I missed Family and Friends. I missed the familiarity of Salt Lake and even considered it to be superior at one time, a sentiment that I never felt when I did live there. 

I have learned a lot about myself here and grown immensely. I am grateful to Dave who had the nerve to never give up on getting me to move. He is persistent. I have met many people that I dearly love, seen things that I would have never seen and become more aware of who I need to be.  

If I didn't live here I wouldn't have fun conversations with my Nieces and Nephews telling them about all the cool things I get to do and see. According to Noah, I live where Sharks live and I fly my very own airplane, how else would I be able to visit him occasionally. Lauren is always concerned about the Earthquakes and if I am ok, according to her I should move back, I would be much safer.  All Ali cares about is getting on the next plane to visit, she just needs to find a way to pay for it. I know they miss me visiting every other month and I miss them to. I long for their hugs and kisses. I crave their laughter. I have missed out on big milestones. Spencer turning 16, becoming a Priest and driving. Chandler turning 12 and becoming a Deacon. Chloe starting school. Naomi never realizing that I used to live closer. When I do get to spend time with them, it is much sweeter. I soak them all in and I can never take enough photos. 

With these anniversaries I have been able to reflect on how great my life is. Even though it has been difficult, the rewards have been so much greater. That is the one good thing about anniversaries you can look back and see what you have accomplished.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm Tired

Today was a very busy and long day. I am feeling a bit discombobulated at the moment.
So I am going to watch the Project Runway finale and go to bed. 

I can't wait for the weekend to get here. The Scouts are putting on a pancake breakfast as a fundraiser. I LOVE Pancakes so I will be there.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just Read...

Last night I finally got around to reading "Book of a Thousand Days" by Shannon Hale. I have to admit this is my first Hale book. 

I started right after work and finished just before 11. Obviously I didn't want to put it down. I loved the main character Dashti, she had a virtue that I was immediately drawn to. I am curious as to what my niece Ali thought or even if she has read this one yet ( I am sure she has, she is a bookworm just like me).

I look forward to reading Hale's other works. Her website is also great, check it out


As a singleton I don't cook much. I usually opt for the easy dinner, a bowl of cereal, burrito, or eating out. It is not to say that I don't like to cook, I really do, it is just not fun to cook for 1. Most of the recipes I know and love usually feed 8 plus. That is what happens when you learn to cook in a large family.
Thanks to Trader Joe's I made pizza tonight.  They have ready made dough and it is only $.99. It is worth it! So I concocted a Garlic Herb pizza with mushrooms, peppers, kalamata olives and Goat cheese. It was Yummy!
I really should cook more often. It makes me happy!