Friday, April 22, 2011

Color Pallet

I am always amazed at nature's color pallet. This bird for example, look how bright and gorgeous the colors are and they are complementary to each other.

I wonder if it ever thinks to itself if only the feathers on my face were yellow, I would be much prettier. Or this blue ugh!

Maybe it is just humans who are not ever happy with what we were given; never satisfied with our true beauty. I know I am not. I am constantly wishing my hair were thicker, darker or longer. Wishing that I could be just a few inches taller,  definitely thinner and maybe had thicker lips. 

Focusing on what we want and can't have (unless you have loads of money) makes one depressed and left constantly wanting. It will be hard but from now on I will try to look at myself as nature intended. Beautiful in my own colors. 
(Granted this will happen after I dye my hair)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Egg Man defender of....

A while back I was making some Sunny-sides up and the whites ran just so. I looked at it and the eggs seemed to be looking at me. I wondered could this be the next wanna be super heros mask? Not the cool heros but the ones who just can't seem to get it right, you know the c-list hero's.
What would his (yes a he because a girls costume would be so much better) story be, why would he choose a mask of sunny-sides up? Maybe he is a defender of hen houses or chickens or chicks? 
Or he just couldn't find anything better and that is why he is on the c-list.

Unfortunately this is where my mind wanders when it is not obsessing about work, I desperately need to get a life.

Friday, March 11, 2011

For My Sister

Emily I know how much you love Travis and I thought this song was perfect.
Congratulations on becoming a Mother again. I can't wait to meet my newest Nephew!

He is one lucky little baby, he has amazing parents and a lovely older Sister.

Welcome to the world Baby E!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hanging Moss

Sometimes I take a photo that makes me think maybe I am ok at photography.
To me this photo is amazing, I like it a lot. 

Taken at Muir Woods
I love hanging moss, it reminds me of a slower paced place.

A few photos of the same tree. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Precipice

I feel that lately I am standing on a precipice. I have realized I am in a position that a decision must be made. Unfortunately I don't have time to focus as to what that decision should be. 
Should I remain standing on the precipice? Should I walk along the edge and see what comes of it? Or should I jump blindly or dive into a new adventure?
These are the questions that are swirling around my head, that is, when I have enough downtime to let them.

For now if we cross paths and I seem a bit distracted, forgive me, I am not ignoring you, I am just attempting not to fall in.

Friday, February 4, 2011

No I am not giving you the finger

 The other day my middle finger on my right hand started to swell inexplicably.  I must of hit it some how. The next morning I woke up with a bruised hand. It isn't lovely, in the least bit. Since I am right handed the bruise is rather inconvenient. 
The picture doesn't do it's ugliness justice.
Yep I am a Freak o' Nature

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nature is Cool

The California Academy of Sciences is a fantastic place to spend a day or just a few hours. Luckily enough while my Nieces and Nephew were visiting there was a free day. We woke early to stand in a very long line that snaked through Golden Gate park. We thought we wouldn't get in but once the doors opened the line moved fast. It was so worth not having to pay $24 a piece.

Claude the albino alligator. He is the mascot and most likely would have been killed in the wild. We lucked out and saw him move if only a few feet. I guess he is quite sedentary.

We had a fabulous time watching the penguins, staring at Claude, getting lost in the Aquarium, and gazing at the butterflies. I am so glad we braved the line and woke oh so very early.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Marin Headlands

I LOVE the Marin Headlands. 
It is a place where I go to gather my thoughts. 
I feel complete happiness when I am surrounded by the beauty. 

Point Bonita Light House

The beautiful, ever moving, freezing fog.

I have always called this elephant rock. However from above it is not. It actually is a self imposed bird sanctuary. No predators can reach them on it.

This area has several old and abandoned artillery buildings. 

One of the old lookouts. Ali and Spencer dared to explore. It was full of really amazing graffiti.

While they were exploring, Lauren and I were here. Oh so far.

The Gate is Golden

I adore this Bridge. It is so iconic. 
Everyone knows, just by a mere glimpse, that they want to visit the City by the Bay.
I have yet to walk across, maybe one day when I desire to fight the crowds. But for now I will just gaze upon it and marvel at its beauty.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tiny Desk Concerts

Thank you NPR Music and Tiny Desk Concerts... I LOVE You!
For this...

And this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

and of course this...

Oh and so many, many more.
Check them out there may be a favorite of yours waiting to be discovered.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Spectacularly Special

Another year of my life has come and gone. Yep I am older, slightly more wrinkled and possibly wiser (ok maybe not). This "big event" happened over a month ago and yes I have neglected to tell you how amazing it was.

Well it started off with the decision to wear my favorite red dress, if I have to age then I better look good doing it. Then a walk up to my local polling place to vote for all the many candidates and propositions California had to offer. Yeah sharing my day of birth with election day has never been my favorite thing. Then off to work, why write about it, granted they sang the B-day song and ate pumpkin tart, YUM!

After work I met some friends at Pho84 for delicious Vietnamese food and opening of presents and then we quickly ran up to the church so I could babysit baby Cal while his parents and the others played Volleyball. (With my Klutzy nature it is best I stay on the sidelines)

Thank Goodness for an awesome roomie or else there would not be a photo from the days events.

I love Miss Hadley's face on this one. She was so excited to "help" me open my presents.

Showing off the lovely bracelet Britta made just for me.

Other amazing gifts included this print I have been wanting forever from the ever so talented Emily Martin aka The Black Apple. It is one of my favorite sayings from one of my favorite artists about the very best things, books. Speaking of books I received this gorgeous book that I have spent many nights pouring over the pages and also this fabulous book from A-gril, who knows I heart David Sedaris this much (imagine arms stretched to infinity).

I also received many pieces of jewelry that are amazing. AND the kicker tickets to see Margot and the Nuclear So and So's. The show was AWESOME even if I had to convince myself to go out at night (after the mugging).

The gifts received were thoughtful and amazing! I had a fabulous time spent with friends and loved all of the sentiments from those near and far.

My Mother insisted that I celebrate the whole month long and I received from her everyday an e-card telling me to have a fabulous Birth Year. Who knew Hallmark had so many choices.

I loved feeling Spectacularly Special on my Birthday and that is because I have amazing Family and Friends who make me feel so very loved.

Here is to another year filled with family, friends, love, laughter and all things good and some things bad (only because it makes the good really fantastic).